14 November 2009

The Power of Joseph Campbell

I've been spending what little free time I've had this week watching the Joseph Campbell-Bill Moyers interview, The Power of Myth, and I must say that anyone--ANYONE--who hasn't seen this series already should do so, ASAP. A brilliant and deeply spiritual man who is also a wonderful story-teller and engaging speaker as well. Would that I had been alive to attend Sarah Lawrence while he still taught here. Conference work with him must have been fascinating.

Today is Prospective Students day, and my dorm is on show for them, so I'm just going to keep my door open and read this afternoon whilst they pass in and out on their tours. It's cheerfully wet outside today, so there should be nothing like snuggling up with some more reading, a pot of tea, and some soft piano music. My conference reading is slowly, slowly disappearing, amd I should be able to begin writing my paper soon. Good, good news. :)

I'll try to post a picture later, if I'm out and about with the camera. If not, more soon one way or the other.

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