25 October 2011

some photographs

It's been nearly two months since I've posted, for which I once again feel like a very bad blog mommy. But such is life for me in New York; and I am beginning to simply accept this aspect of myself and my life and move on. We are knee-deep in fall colour right now, and I do have some pictures, with which I am rather happy:

In addition, I have two very unusual discoveries to post, one which I found exploring my bedroom ceiling several weeks ago:

To put this fellow (or lady) centipede into perspective, suffice it to say that his body alone was about an inch and a half long! Needless to say, I carefully captured him in a cup and deposited him outside where he belongs.

Here is another surprising thing:
This is the appropriately-named Phallus ravenelii, a type of stinkhorn fungus that I was lucky (or unlucky, if you count the stench these things produce) enough to stumble upon in a stand of Beech trees near Lynd house. The smell is obvious by the large fly that seems to think the sticky black pollen is some sort of rotting food item.

This semester is proving itself to be a truly hectic one-- I have undertaken a huge conference paper on the taxonomy of green algae for my botany class, as well as the writing of a long allegorical poem for yet another class with Bill Shullenberger. In addition, I've joined the equestrian team, which means I have horse shows every weekend from now until the end of time. But I plan on making it through this semester alive!