04 November 2009

Most of the Leaves Have Fallen Now

Mornings in November may just be my very favourite things. This morning I rose a little after eight to find the cool sunlight pouring into my East-facing windows and a lilting Debussy piano piece drifting up through the floor from the dance studio on the lower level of MacCracken. There must be a ballet class there on Wednesday mornings--on some mornings it's tribal drums I hear, which are fun, but not as gently awakening as the old piano whose notes tinkle and sway.

The perpetually bored Jamie has asked the perpetually entertained Juli Anna for ideas for things to do (of which she only likes one of every thirty or so :)), and the only thing she's really liked the sound of so far is altering clothing with paint and thread, so we may take a walk into town to visit the Bargain Bin this week, a charity thrift store attached the hospital, to look for appropriately alter-able clothing. I'm going to show her how to make stencils and such. should be a fun crafty time. Speaking of which, I still have a bag of gathered buckeyes, acorns, and autumn leaves that I haven't the faintest idea what to do with. If anyone has a suggestion that is not making jewelry, please let me know? They're too pretty to let rot.

I'm off to my Epics class this morning, and then some marathon poetry writing for my conference with Dennis tomorrow. Oh, Muses, ye shall not forsake me yet!

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