07 November 2009

Good Morning, Lovely Readers, Whoever You May Be!

Woke up feeling raw-ther optimistic this morning. Got the essential Good Night's Sleep (slept almost ten hours, woot!) and have much much much reading for the weekend--have a formal project proposal due for my Scientific Photography paper due on Thursday--but I've got a fridge brimming with Fage Greek yoghurt and cheap brie and I've been finding new blogs of which I thought I'd give you a quick tour...

wish jar -- the delightful blog of writer and illustrator and guerrilla artist Keri Smith, who is pretty much one of my favourite people in the world. I buy all her books like a mad fiend, and her blog is just as good as they are.

We Love You So -- a Keri Smith recommendation--the blog of Spike Jonze for his production of Where the Wild Things Are. Mainly a collection of the things that inspire him and such. I love the aesthetics of this blog as well.

I'll update with any more that particularly catch my eye, but for now... :) Hope you enjoy as much as I do. It's gotten silly how much I look forward to seeing what these people have to say.

Well, it's breakfast time in Bronxville, so I must be off for yoghurt with honey and dried fruit and nuts on top.

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