08 November 2009

An Image from a Particularly Lovely Sunday...

Reading for my conference project (Brought to Light: Photography and the Invisible 1840-1900), one of my saddle oxfords with a cup of herbal tea from the TeaHaus, and the edge of my purple pic-nic blanket. Does it get any better then this for a balmy November afternoon?

Went to see the play that my roomie was in this evening, as well, a beautiful production of The Children's Hour. So tragic and beautiful, and set in the gorgeous 1930's. Sarah Lawrence puts on a wonderful open-stage play. Lauren was wonderful, as well, and it was great to see her on stage. Hats off to the ladies and gentlemen in our theatre department. (Isn't it awful that spell-check doesn't recognize "theatre"?) Not to mention that I never mind an excuse to dress a little more than usual (tonight, in a teal babydoll dress with fine black polka-dots and lace at the sleeves, navy wool trench, black, back-seam stockings, and my dark red patent t-straps). Anyhow, the play was definitely one I'd recommend for someone who wants something tragic--apparently Audrey Hepburn starred in its film adaptation in 1961. Worth checking out? Certainly perhaptual.

Goodnight, all, and off to Hartsdale to the craft store there tomorrow morning. Looking for fabric paint and cherry-printed gingham. Wish me luck.

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