08 February 2010

New Week, New Room, Same Old Memories

This is the beginning of my first full week in my new room here at Sarah Lawrence College, in the lovey Tweed House:
(p.s., this is a photo I found here, not one I took myself)

Anyhow, after a huge blow-out and weeklong freeze-out with my former roommate, I finally took the necessary steps to move out of MacCracken 9 and into Tweed House. See that room on the top floor, far right? That little window above the trees? That's the window above my bed! Tweed is a total housing upgrade, which I didn't think was entirely possible after MacCracken, and I get along far better with my new roommates than with my first one. We have hardwood floors, arched ceilings, walk-in closets, and more than enough room for the three of us. Once Kate has woken up, I will take photos to post here. Our building also boasts a large (if somewhat messy) kitchen, laundry in the basement, and one of the prettiest classrooms on campus, plus a patio with a barbecue in the backyard! Talk about heaven...

This morning, though, the quaintness of my life here in New York has brought me back quite vividly to the time I spent in beautiful (and quaint) Cambridge two summers ago. I've been looking at pictures of Grantchester all morning, and remembering that pleasant stroll from Jesus College to the Orchard:

Oh, England, how I miss thee! Those photos are, from the top, The Orchard tea garden in Grantchester, a treat I consumed there (fruit scone with clotted cream and blackcurrant jam, and tea, of course), and my Mum and I on the lovely trail between Cambridge and Grantchester, enjoying an eerily bright grey day.

Well, there should be more photos later on today, once I have showered and my roommate has awoken... Much love to everyone on this February morning!

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