10 February 2010

Snow Day

Today was the first "snow day" I have ever known. Classes were cancelled, half the campus was shut down, and everyone spent the day frolicking in the 7-8 inches we got over the course of the day.

For me, this was not only exciting because it was a snow day, but also, despite my desperate romance with cold weather, I've been--gasp--having dreams about summertime! This little stormy interlude was just what I needed to remind myself that, yes, bleakness is thrilling and, yes, interesting weather does exist somewhere; just not in California.

I will leave you for today with these photographic depictions of this winter day.

This was the view out of my window this morning:

Tweed House clearly loves the snow. Aside from M. Benjamin and Jamie in the foreground, check out the thick pile on top of the trash cans...

And on the pine trees...

Sarah Lawrence may be feminist, but do you think this is a little much?

The one and only football game I have ever witnessed here, and it was snowing, go figure.

(You can't really tell, but that dark blob is a tackle.)

Hope everyone else is staying warm and dry!

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