05 December 2009

The Trees Speak Riddles

Just wanted to let all my faithful readers (ahem) out there know that I've begun a new blog. Frustration with all of the disgustingly sparkly animated ads on my Livejournal account has persuaded me to post all my poetry on a Blogger site. The site is called "The Trees Speak Riddles" and you can reach it through my profile or by clicking the link. Hope it works out for the better. All my final draughts are posted there, and I hope to keep it fairly reasonably updated. Enjoy!

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mary catherine said...

i can't seem to figure out a way to leave a comment on your poetry blog but i wanted to tell you (clumsily) what a beautiful writer you are. i'm supposed to be getting ready for an audition and just got sucked in reading about all these little condensed moments of your life! (love the insomnia one). ee cummings changed my life once upon a time. i know little to nothing about poetry--which is fine with me--i simply like what i like for no good reason than i like it :) and i can't wait to have more time to go back and read more of yours. merry christmas!!!! and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog the other day :) winter is so crazy magical...xoxoxo