05 December 2009

Nothing Short of Magic

I was blissfully surprised by the first snowfall of the season this afternoon, while I was bundled up in my room, reading for my conference work. I've seen snow. I've seen it snow. I've even lived in now for short periods of time. But I've never seen a first snow. Nothing on Earth could have kept me from putting on my wool coat and Wellies to take a walk. I put on my big headphones and pumped Amiina's songs "Hilli" and "Sexfaldur" through them as a pretty soundtrack to the season's first bit of white.

It was really difficult to get any of the action on camera, but here's a try:

Here's the view out of my window.

Tomorrow morning there should be a pretty blanket of snow on the big Tudors across the street from my window--I can hardly wait.

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