12 October 2009

For All of You Who Were There, and All Who Weren't

Here are a couple of videos that, for sentimental reasons, I dug up on YouTube and decided to embed here. I remember watching these practices, on sticky summer nights, sprawled out on the cool field at the high school, watching the slick shadows of moths play around the tall lights--Some things about high school weren't so awfully dull--

This is "Hide and Seek," 2006.

And "e-motion," 2007.

To this day, I get goosebumps and excited, stinging tears when I watch these videos. Some of the most beautiful performances I've ever seen. Who would have thought that Imogen Heap would get along so well with marching bands? Again, this is for all of you who saw these alongside me, and those of you who've never thought that marching bands could be cool, and especially for my brother, who is the tallest tuba player on each of those fields... :)

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