10 April 2010

Jónsi and Jónsi Birds

I may be entirely in love with this lovely new album, Go. The show is bound to be spectacular, as is this first video of the single, "Go Do." I messed up the sizing on the video, so be sure you press the full screen button...it's a high-quality video, so you'd want to anyway

Isn't it lovely? I positively adore the bit at the beginning where he first begins to bang on that big brown suitcase.

And, in conjunction with this lovely avian creation, here are some links to other avian creations, these ones constructed by bower birds or, as my Mum has begun to call them, Jónsi Birds:

bower bird constructions
art inspired by bower birds

Have a lovely week-end!


Mum said...

You and your sweetheart really must festoon yourselves with feathers for the the concert...

Wren said...

I only recently came across his music after searching for some Sigur Ros on iTunes. I'm absolutely obsessed with this song; the lyrics are so moving!