01 September 2009

Interviewing Begins in the Hudson River Valley! We All Go Dotty! Yippee!

I don't know that anyone who reads by blog will recognize the subtle Sufjan Stevens reference in the above title. Maybe Sean.

Anyhow, the arduous process of interviewing our professors for classes has begun. This experience, set to the sometimes subtle, sometimes unbearable soundtrack of clicking high heels, frantic asking for directions, and summer cicadas, is unlike any I've ever had. I will admit that despite its anxious effect on my nerves is somewhat counteracted by the fact that searching for all these people's offices has led be to some beautiful and yet-undiscovered corners of the campus, like Andrews House, with its round stone tower, winding staircase, and archways, and the campus Greenhouse, all abloom with all sorts of roses and hydrangeas.

The stress of interviews has caused my friends and I a bit of counter-stress craziness. Observe our anti-dance dance party:

This is Jamie rocking out to some of her excellent music. She should never eat cookies, as they cause her much injury.

Laura loves to wear robes and does an excellent slow-motion seagull dance.

Jamie and I rock the Molly Ringwald. In this picture, she has evolved into full-fledged Anglophile by means of this epic jacket.

So that's a sneak-peek at our reaction to this process.

Below, I want to publish a slightly more nostalgic picture--this is the crew of tried-and-true friends who saw me off to Oakland so very early on Thursday morning. Look how wonderful they are...

That's my darling Peach, Michael Benjamin, myself, Navaz, and Kevyn. How I love them all!

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