11 August 2009


So, I have an embarrassing admission to make. As a child, I never gave a stinking hoot about comics--even when I got romantic notions about them after reading the Amelia books. When I was young, I tried to get into them, but none of them caught my interest. Now, at nineteen, I have finally discovered one that I cannot put down. It is--dum dum dum DUM--

I've now finished Volume 4: March of the Wooden Soldiers, which was the MOST EPIC volume yet; I am making my way slowly but surely through the book volumes before I start buying it monthly in New York. I've only finished up to issue twenty-seven (number 87 was published this month!) so I still have a long trek ahead of. I have a feeling, however, that it will be worthwhile.

Now, for a bit of a synopsis--the series revolves around a rather extensive collection of characters, all of whom the ordinary person knows a little about to begin with, because they are the characters of fairy tales: Snow White and Bigby (think Big Bad) Wolf are essential, as well as Rose Red, Jack Horner (of beanstalk fame), Goldilocks, Prince Charming, and Beauty and the Beast. After being dispelled from their historical lands by a vaguely ugly, powerful, evil force known as The Adversary, they travelled to this world to live among the normal, or Mundy, people. They have a secret, underground community (how can you not love that!) known as Fabletown in New York City, and the comic follows all of the various shenanigans between the Fables and their enemies and friends. It has everything you want in a guilty-pleasure comic: romance, crime, sex, action, humor, awesome references to namesake fairy tales, and some deliciously bright-red bloodshed every now and again. Also, having been a lover of graphic novels and even some manga for several years, I enjoy the vintage, film noir, classic feel of this comic, the traditional illustrations and suspense, and the feeling I get when I read it of wishing I were wearing a full, wide skirt, pigtails, and saddle oxfords and sipping a cherry coke at a fountain while I read. :)

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