18 July 2009

Comme le Livre "Rebecca"

Michael Benjamin returns from his tour of art schools tomorrow, which indicates his nearing a visit to Modesto, as well. I feel rather confident after all the positive feedback from his various portfolio reviews that he should get into whichever school he desires. He has visited these schools, in their corresponding locations:

Pratt Institute; New York, NY
Parsons the New School for Design; New York, NY
School of Visual Arts, New York, NY
Rhode Island School of Design; Providence, RI
School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Boston, MA
Maine College of Art; Portland, ME
Art Institute of Chicago; Chicago, IL

The ones which are italicized are his top three choices, in this order: SVA, AIC, and SMFA. I hope he chooses SVA, although I must say that the source of my bias is the school's location in Chelsea, only about a half an hour away from Bronxville and, therefore, Sarah Lawrence College and me.

In any case, while my dove has been away visiting schools, I have taken two jobs which have ended up really only being the same job, in a way. First of all, I am tutoring a thirteen-year-old Parisian girl in English while she is visiting Modesto for several weeks. Her name is Estelle, and she knows very, very little English, although she is learning quickly.

The second job I've taken is an odd jobs, housework, and paperwork helper for my Auntie Cathleen. Today, I washed all the woodwork inside her downtown Modesto home with TSP in preparation for painting this week. Despite the seeming dissimilarity of these jobs, they've really just turned into the same thing for these two people; I'm mostly serving as a companion for both of them. I take Estelle out for giant American ice cream cones and teach her the corresponding vocabulary--I also follow Cathleen around with a notebook, jotting down all of her thoughts and helping her make decisions about her remodel.

In the book Rebecca, by Daphne Du Maurier, the main character gets her start with a companionship job to wealthy old woman. I can see similarities between her job and mine--and being as the idea of "companionship" is a terribly romantic one, I'm raw-ther happy with that.

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