09 May 2009

The Soy Milk Experiment

Yesterday, Meredith came over and we tried something new--we made our own soy milk. I'll post the link to the recipe below, but I'll make my own comments on it, too.


It was a pretty entailed process, and the recipe didn't really warn us of all the chemical surprises, so let me fill you in.

First of all, you want to get two pots and a kettle of water all boiling at the same time, so that you don't waste time waiting for the water to heat up for the two blanchings and the rinsing. Also, when she mentions that you want to hold onto the blender lid, she's not kidding! Hold onto it with a kitchen towel, too, because if you blender leaks even an itsy bit, you will burn your hand. Then, when you strain out the okara, let the cheese cloth lie slack in bowl, and then once all of the milk is poured in, lift it straight up and out--we tried to hold the cheese cloth taut and lost most of the okara into the mix. Finally, in the last step, skip the salt (or at least reduce it) and don't be surprised when all six cups of milk boils down to almost nothing! We sort of panicked, but when we added six cups of water at the end, it tasted great. I guess you just have to concentrate that flavour.

There are some pictures of the project above!

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